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About DeferTax.com

Over the last 14 years, Carl Worden has been on a journey, seeking truly life changing financial strategies for his clients. 
In 2009, after the real estate crash, Carl discovered it was possible to legally defer taxes on the sale of investment properties after doing a 1031 Exchange and keep some or all of the money working for his clients. This strategy is called a Deferred Sales Trust. He never stopped looking and now has seventeen, legal tax deferral solutions that helped hundreds of people with their save on taxes. 
Now Carl has partnered with Chris Shockowitz to bring their tax deferral message to investors, business owners, homeowners, and other financial services professionals. Together, they share the vision of bringing tax deferral solutions previously reserved for the wealthy to all Americans.
We think the American financial services industry has two huge problems. 
  1. Financial Illiteracy
  2. A host of professionals that are not trained to teach clients how to defer taxes on the sale of highly appreciated assets.
Most investors spend a significant portion of their life learning how to make great investments. If we take commercial real estate as an example, an investor will spend hours researching locations, researching their target market, demographics, and economic trends. They then commit to purchasing a specific property and manage it for years. Then when it comes time to sell, they look at the tax bill and wonder what to do.
You soon discover that a Realtor can tell you what your property is worth but they cannot give tax advice. A CPA can tell you how much you owe in taxes but they are not trained in tax deferral strategies. We believe there is a necessary professional position that is vacant in most transactions, a Tax Deferral Consultant. 
What is a Tax Deferral Consultant?
A Tax Deferral Consultant uses tax structures to legally reduce, defer, or eliminate capital gains taxes against the sale of hard assets like personal property, investment property, or businesses.
We seek real estate investors, homeowners, and business owners that want to learn the alternatives to paying taxes and open up their investment options by exploring tax deferral strategies.
We bundle multiple Tax Deferral Options into Tax Deferral Strategies:
  • Cash Out Strategies
  • Vulture Fund Strategies
  • Downsizing Strategies
  • Legacy Building Strategies
  • Estate Planning Strategies
We work directly, one on one with you to determine your goals and your needs. In fact, in our first meeting it’s our goal to determine if you even have a tax problem.
Our company puts our client’s interests first. This is why we give you a Tax Reduction Questionnaire at our first meeting and request you review it with your trusted tax professional. We understand the world is full of people willing to sell you something you don’t need. That is not us. We measure success based on the integrity of the decisions we make, not the dollars we put in our bank account.
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