Business Owners Tax Minimization Path

Income Tax Reduction Options


Business Owner's Tax Minimization Path

Your Path To Tax Savings!

Buying, Selling, or Starting a Business

What you read next could save you a small fortune in taxes.

Selling a business? 50% of your sale proceeds could unnecessarily go to taxes. Depending on how the sale of your business is structured, you could pay ordinary income taxes, capital gains taxes, or no taxes at all.


Buying a business? If you’re not careful, you could overpay for a business — resulting in higher taxes. This could also cause you to take on more liability than you should. Again, it all comes down to the structure of your buy/sell agreement.


Starting a business? Whether this is a big new venture or a side hustle, the state where your company is incorporated is critical. Another important decision you’ll need to make is which corporate structure is right for you. Your options include an LLC, S Corp, C Corp, and more.


Each one of these entities comes with advantages and disadvantages. Setting this up correctly at the beginning could save you a fortune in taxes.


No matter where you are in your business lifecycle, we can help you keep more of your hard earned money working for you.

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