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Investor's Dilemna

Most investors are hyper focused on the “buy-side” of their investments or running their investments. If we take a real estate investor as an example, they spend long hours researching markets, demographics, and economic trends before buying a property.
Then they spend even more hours running that property. But when it comes time to sell, they either pay Uncle Sam or a charity. There are other alternatives to keep most if not all of the money working for you.
We are nationwide educators on the subject of tax deferral. We are Tax Deferral Consultants.
What is a Tax Deferral Consultant?
A Tax Deferral Consultant uses tax structures to legally reduce, defer, or avoid capital gains taxes against the sale of hard assets like personal property, investment property, or businesses. In fact, we have thirteen tax deferral options and add more every year.
We seek real estate investors, homeowners, and business owners that want to learn the alternatives to paying taxes and open up their investment options by exploring tax deferral strategies.
We bundle multiple Tax Deferral Options into Tax Deferral Strategies:
  • Cash Out Strategies
  • Vulture Fund Strategies
  • Downsizing Strategies
  • Legacy Building Strategies
  • Estate Planning Strategies
We work directly, one on one with you to determine your goals and your needs. In fact, in our first meeting it’s our goal to determine if you even have a tax problem.
Our company puts our client’s interests first. This is why we give you a Tax Reduction Questionnaire at our first meeting and request you review it with your trusted tax professional. We understand the world is full of people willing to sell you something you don’t need. That is not us. We measure success based on the integrity of the decisions we make, not the dollars we put in our bank account.
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